Synnika Alek-Chizoba Lofton is an award winning performance poet, educator, and recording artist. He is the author of 17 books and more than 170 spoken word albums, Eps, singles, and digital downloads. He holds a BA and an MFA in Creative Writing. He teaches literature at Chesapeake Bay Academy and Composition and Public Speaking at Norfolk State University. For more information, check out the official website of Guerrilla Ignition Records!


Check out some of Synnika’s recent releases. He’s recorded more than a combined total of 170 projects, including multiple albums, singles, and Eps. He continually adds content daily. Check out a fraction of his catalog on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming platforms OR simply visit Guerrilla Ignition Records!


Dr. Synnika’s Topical Poem of the Week is a nationally syndicated radio show that explores the current American way of life and its affect on African-Americans, such as racism, oppression, gender inequality, and poverty. Synnika Lofton offers a unique blend of social commentary and poetry in each episode. New episodes are uploaded weekly! Click on the image for more information!


With more than 17 published books, Synnika Alek-Chizoba Lofton has been consistently releasing books since 2006. Check out the following titles at the official website of Guerrilla Ignition Records!


A vocal advocate for Black and Brown people, Synnika Lofton’s content is rooted in social-consciousness, politics, education, revolution, and empowerment through the written word and the spoken word. The videos below are visual representations of Lofton’s vision and message.  


Synnika Alek-Chizoba Lofton is the co-founder of Black Lion Insurgents, a hip hop group from Virginia. The group includes Randolph Harmon, a.k.a. Babatunde, Gregory Lee, and Cliff Vizhun Johnson. Their sound is militant, aggressive, and conscious; it also has elements of traditional hip hop. Their debut EP, Make War in the Temple (2016), is a gritty, aggressive,  and intellectual contribution to indie hip hop. It was released by Guerrilla Ignition Recordings. The members are concerned with issues of race, culture, injustice, and gender discrimination, as well as with the abuse of power by the government. Click on the image of the Black Lion Insurgents for more information.

For more information about Synnika Lofton or to access exclusive content, please visit the official website of Guerrilla Ignition Records!

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